Class Descriptions

HypnoBirthing® (Linda Donalds)
HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method, is a comprehensive, holistic approach to natural childbirth that uses hypnosis to achieve an easier, safer, more comfortable natural birthing experience. Learn simple breathing, visualization and self-hypnosis techniques for relaxation and fear release to help prepare both body and mind to work together in harmony throughout your pregnancy and labor. This is a 5-week class. Tuition includes text book, audio CDs and many handouts.

Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Workshop (Lynn Gerrits)

Prepare for an upcoming surgical or medical procedure: feel calmer, have less pain and fewer complications and recover soonerProgram includes “Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster” book and companion relaxation CD/tape to help patients become a more active participant in their healing process.  This one-hour workshop is available free to patients having surgery at HealthAlliance Hospital.  Patients of other hospitals pay only $75.  Patient is invited and encouraged to bring support person of their choosing to workshop at no additional cost.  Please call Lynn Gerrits at 978-343-5098 directly to schedule your one-hour workshop that can be done in person or by phone.

Stress Solutions Workshop(Lynn Gerrits)

This unique stress management course is a 3-unit course designed to be taken in succession, broken into the following units:

Unit I – “Power of the Breath”:  Learn why the antidote to stress is a correct breath; how breathing properly not only makes you feel better and think more clearly, but contributes to a more positive attitude and performance; and how to breathe consciously and diaphragmatically, anytime, anywhere.  With daily practice you’ll notice decreased tension, pain & effects of stress.

Unit II – “True Relaxation”:  How does your body alert you to stress? Do you know the signs?  Don’t think you have time to relax? Learn why you do and how to do it.
Learn proven techniques to effectively reducing tension. Improve your immune system and reduce your potential for illness. Learn relaxation techniques to soothe mind, body and spirit. Tap into and strengthen your intuition and inner guidance system.

Unit III – “Mind Your Thoughts”:  Learn how your thoughts and perceptions can actually create or contribute to stress, how to recognize, stop and reframe negative thoughts that perpetuate the stress reaction, identify automatic thoughts that lead to knee-jerk reaction and examine long-held assumptions & core beliefs that no longer serve you and modify them as necessary.  Explore the concept of neuroplasticity and how long-standing negative attitudes and habits can be replaced by healthy alternatives.

Yoga for Fitness – Saturdays (Linda Nutter Snay)

Mindful stretching and gentle postures, a flowing sequence of postures in union with the breath, standing poses to build strength and work on balance, and deep relaxing poses to integrate all the movements of the body.  Some experience with yoga may be helpful.

Yoga for Stress Relief – Mondays and Thursdays (Linda Nutter Snay)

Unwind, release tension and dwell in the perfection of the present moment.  Gentle movements melt stress held in the body, guided breathing invokes a relaxation response, and meditation techniques create a simple tool to use anytime and anywhere to address stress in the moment.  All levels are welcome.  Monday classes are offered on Leominster campus in the Simonds Building, Guild Conference Room and must be paid in full week before start of class.