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Free Talk on Benefits of Hypnosis

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With New Year resolutions at the top of everyone’s mind, the timing is perfect for World Hypnotism Day. Held annually in January, this is a day when professional hypnotists all around the world hold special events and appearances to educate and inform the public about the many uses and benefits of hypnosis.

In honor of World Hypnotism Day, HealthAlliance Hospital’s Simonds-Hurd Complementary Care Center will be hosting a FREE talk on how you can reach your wellness goals with hypnosis. It will be held on the Burbank Campus in Fitchburg on Thursday evening January 15th at 7:00pm. Presenter Linda Donalds, Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists, will be joined by Certified Hypnotists Senia Peluffo and Christopher Adshade. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool to help you achieve any wellness goal you may have for the New Year. Whatever your goal may be, discover the many benefits of hypnosis for reducing stress, changing your mindset, and forming healthier habits. You will also learn a simple way to do self-hypnosis to make achieving your goals easier.

The Simonds-Hurd Complementary Care Center is a hospital-based complementary care center dedicated to offering integrative practices that promote optimal wellness. The center’s goal is to enhance quality of life by promoting wellness, encouraging resilience and building strengths through the use of evidence-based holistic therapies in concert with traditional care through each stage of an adult’s life.

“Not only are people using hypnosis for changing their mindset and modifying behaviors, there is a growing use of hypnosis as a complementary modality within medical settings for health and wellness issues,” says Linda Donalds, owner of New Horizons in Hypnosis in Lunenburg, and who teaches Hypnosis and HypnoBirthing classes at HealthAlliance Hospital.

The benefits of hypnosis and the awareness of those benefits increase daily as we have read and heard the headlines in major newspapers and magazines like Newsweek, Scientific America, The New York Times, Good Housekeeping, Shape, O Magazine and on popular syndicated television shows, like Dateline NBC, Doctor Oz and the Rachel Ray Show. As old outdated myths and misconceptions of hypnosis are dispelled, the world public is much more aware of the safe, natural and expedient process of hypnotism for achieving positive change.

“Because changing your inner mindset is the key to lasting success, hypnosis is known to be a very effective approach for making positive and healthy personal changes,” adds Donalds, who also specializes in hypnosis for weight loss, sleep improvement, stress management, and chronic pain relief. “When you change your underlying thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes around your desired goal, then those healthy, positive actions become easy and natural, because they are an expression of who you have become.”

For further information, please contact HealthAlliance’s Simonds-Hurd Complementary Care Center at (978) 665-5800, or visit www.SimondsHurd.com.

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Linda E. Donalds, BCH CI is the owner of New Horizons in Hypnosis (www.NewHorizonsInHypnosis.com), located in Lunenburg, MA. For further information or interviews about hypnosis and/or this event, please contact: Linda Donalds at (508) 246-2721 or by email at ledonalds@newhorizonsinhypnosis.com.

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Lynn Gerrits, MA, RMT

Complementary Care Center Manager and Reiki Master Teacher at Simonds-Hurd Complementary Care Center
Lynn M. Gerrits, MA, RMT is the Complementary Care Center Manager and Reiki Master Teacher. She provides Reiki, Guided Imagery, stress management classes and services, personalized wellness consultations, and is responsible for the integration of select therapies into the cancer center for true patient-centered care. read more...

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