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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Stress Solutions for Life

Last month the HIS/Medical Records department participated in a 3-part Stress Solutions course taught by Lynn Gerrits, manager of the Complementary Care Center, a somewhat modified version of her three-week course. Here’s what some of them had to say about their experience:

I loved this program. I feel it is very important for employees of the hospital to be aware of these tips and tools they can utilize.”

Lynn has a voice that can easily transition you from where you are to where you can be. She verbally took me to the beach, where I could visualize myself being there, relaxing, stress free, and not worrying about the environment around me. Lynn has a very strong talent for this.

This course gave me the tools to deal with stressors in the work force as well as daily life, and how to implement them in a mindful way to improve the quality of living.”

I am now more aware of my stressors and triggers, and with the help of the tools provided, am able to handle them better and in a more positive way.”

Very knowledgeable and very informative. Kept us engaged and wishing she would never leave.”

This was a valuable and interesting class. Lynn is a very engaging presenter. I learned a lot about identifying my stressors and dealing with day to day stress. Very useful strategies and relevant for all employees. Glad that HA offers this program.”


Angie’s Spa Grant Program for Cancer Patients


I received acupuncture for the first time today. I have stage IV anal cancer and the pain is constant and radiates out to my tail bone and spine, my glutes and hamstrings, and makes me extremely uncomfortable. I take opiates for the pain, but the side effects are limiting. I can’t drive. I get dizzy if I move too quickly. I feel nervous and groggy. But the acupuncture has no side effects except a bit of drowsiness and the effects are wonderful. I feel almost no pain after this first treatment. The needles feel like a little scratch going in. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m a convert. Acupuncture over opiates anytime.” – Donna

Being diagnosed with breast cancer created a severe amount of stress, which showed up as problems with extreme pain in my neck in addition to having nerve pain in my breast from a partial mastectomy. I have been treated with acupuncture for several months, which has improved my pain levels and quality of life. I am very thankful to have had this available to me. I could not have afforded this treatment on my own.” – Connie

I had surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy for lung cancer. I have been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia in 2007. Since then, I have been in constant pain – with difficulty talking and chewing. After 12 acupuncture treatments I feel better and the pain is almost gone. I can talk and chew much better. Thank you!” – Harry


“As an oncology patient of Dr. Thomas J. Fitzgerald (for advanced deep tissue/bone Basal Cell Carcinoma), I just recently completed an aggressive plan of 35 radiation treatments to the left side of my face. I am grateful for the acupuncture treatments I have received through the Complementary Care Center program.

Both the Complementary Care Center Manager, Lynn Gerrits, and Licensed Acupuncturist, Lalou Begue, have provided an exceptional pathway through treatments to help minimize my intense daily pain in the cheekbone area due to swelling, the lymph fluid buildups and the jaw muscle tightening. Several targeted methods were used, from traditional needles, to pinpoint massage to focus areas of pain, to red laser light therapy to numerous and persistently painful mouth sores. These targeted acupuncture treatments provided and accelerated the healing. It was impressive the way the red laser light therapy helped to heal existing mouth sores and new ones as they developed. During this painful ordeal, I was reduced to a very neutral liquid diet until the sores stopped developing and the remainder healed.

Radiation healing is a slow process, but the benefits of regular acupuncture treatments have been a tremendous help in reducing the painful side effects of radiation to the head and mouth areas.

Previously, I had experienced back pain relief from acupuncture treatments, so I was pleased to see acupuncture was offered through the complementary care service (thanks to the grant from Angie’s Spa). My healthcare team of doctors and practitioners has been supportive of alternative therapies. The combination of Eastern and Western medical and healing expertise and technology has worked well for me. The extensive training and years of experience of acupuncturist Lalou Begue, with his targeted methods of treatment, caring nature toward all of his oncology patients that I met, and the helpful hints on how I could do several massage therapies at home, has served us all well.  Thank you.”  – William

“I received acupuncture services throughout and after my radiation and chemo for head and neck cancer. I find the treatments very relaxing and feel a subtle healing taking place inside of me. I currently have no evidence of disease and I am certain that the acupuncture has played a significant role in my recovery. I still come in for treatments as I continue to heal from my treatment.”  – RS  (Patient of Behrooz)


 “The acupuncturist, Behrooz, has been very professional and gentle. He has been encouraging and informative about the history of acupuncture. I always look forward to his procedures. He is an asset to the program!

  1. Severe lower back pain kept me from sleeping. 2 – 2.5 hour sessions and I am pain free for 3 months of acupuncture.
  2. Chemo caused neuropathy in feet with pain that kept me awake at night. Weekly acupuncture keeps the pain level very low and tolerable. I am able to sleep.
  3. Acupuncture has helped drain my sinuses due to seasonal allergies.
  4. Acupuncture has made chemotherapy very tolerable.

I would sincerely recommend this service! “– Gary C. (October 2017)


Thank you Angie’s spa for providing complementary practitioners. During my 40 radiation treatments, acupuncturist, Lalou Begue’s expertise helped alleviate my fatigue. I was able to continue working in my occupation as a residential/commercial painter. I felt I was in good hands and enjoyed the human element in the healing process. Acupuncture was new to me, and Lalou exceeded my expectations. Apparently, he is a comprehensive therapist. He used techniques which helped me with other limitations including stress, anxiety, hip pain and restless legs. I am very grateful for the experience!” –“Fritz” (2017)

For the past 8 years, I have suffered from the pain of trigeminal neuralgia with very little relief from any medication. I took advantage of the acupuncture and noticed a change right away. I have come back twice a week during cancer treatment and have gotten to the point where my pain is barely noticeable. Without this great program, I would never have gotten to this point with my pain management. My quality of life has greatly improved because of this program (Angie’s Spa). Thank you so much!” (2017)



I just had a wonderfully relaxing hand and foot massage. Thank you for the grant for this complimentary service. The stress of myeloma can be upsetting and it was such a pleasure to be completely relaxed.” – Greg

I believe the service offered is very valuable. I love the hand massage.” – Linda

A big thank you for the wonderful hand/foot massage. Both services were very relaxing. I also for the first time received a Reiki treatment and very much enjoyed it. It was very relaxing.” – Pat

Multiple Services

I have been impacted in a most positive way, by using the wonderful services provided by Angie’s Spa at the Simon-Sinon Cancer Center in Fitchburg, MA. I have received massage therapy, as well as Reiki. Both have relieved anxiety and stress and enhanced my daily living experience! I’m 73 and have had my 2nd round of lung cancer (non-smoker and athlete) – oh well. Although I’m incredibly grateful to be alive, I am left with a good amount of pain. Since I have been a patient in this remarkable program and been receiving acupuncture from Lalou Begue, my life has become almost pain free. Lalou not only is excellent with “the needles,” he has a great rapport with his patients, which is so important for well being! What a great addition Angie’s Spa Therapeutic Services Program is to SSCC! Sending great amounts of thanks and well wishes.” – Marsha Fregeau (8/2014)

I am thankful for Angie’s Spa Grant therapeutic services on a daily basis. Lalou’s acupuncture services have been helpful beyond measure – for neuropathy, muscle cramps that occur my third week on Revlimid, and sciatic pain. The pain relief the acupuncture provides improves my quality of life. The relaxation provided by hand/foot massage and Reiki makes my day. All of the practitioners in both areas are skilled, soothing and accessible. I really look forward to seeing them and receiving these services. Thank you so much for the grants you have awarded us.” – Greg Mitchell (8/2014)

This is a blessing for the patients of the Simonds-Sinon Regional Cancer Center. Personally, I have been helped from Lalou Begue, Lic.Ac who is so knowledgeable about acupuncture and has helped me to be able to do my daily duties without severe pain. He also lifts one’s spirit with his willingness to help each and every one of his patients. We are also treated with the best massage therapist.” Julia

I cannot say enough positive things about the healing therapies I have and continue to receive at Burbank while I go through my cancer treatments. I have extensive side effects from my chemotherapy and I am able to function much better because of the acupuncture and massage therapies I receive through Angie’s Spa. Since starting these therapies, I have been able to walk much better after my chemotherapy sessions. Because of the acupuncture and massage therapies I receive, I am able to function more independently versus when I didn’t have access to these therapies. I am so thankful for these services and truly could not imagine going through cancer without them! – Kerry A. Volke

Reiki Volunteer Program

My anxiety is at a 0 now, which is amazing for me!

The aching and tiredness in my legs is gone!”

I had a little headache, and now it feels better. I also feel more relaxed.” – EP

I can breathe more easily and the pain in my chest is gone.” – Ed

I feel like it gave me some relief from the nausea and joint pain.” – Nancy

That was very relaxing! It reminds me that I need to take a few minutes each day to slow down.”