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The Fact vs. Fiction of Tai Chi

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Fact or Fiction…Tai Chi is difficult to learn.

At our center, we teach Tai Chi Easy, a trademarked type of Tai Chi, that is fun and easy to learn. It incorporates only five movements and takes a short time to learn. In a few weeks you can say, in all honesty, that you study and can do Tai Chi.

There are many long forms of Tai Chi that take years to learn. We offer three forms in our classes: Tai Chi Easy (the one just described) and Integral Tai Chi and Wu Dang Tai Chi which are each a little more intricate than Tai Chi Easy and slightly longer, but still not difficult, to learn. Because Qi Gong is the mother of Tai Chi (the form from which all Tai Chi evolved), each class includes some study of Qi Gong. The most challenging part of Qi Gong is learning how to spell and pronounce it. Anyone can do Qi Gong. It can be done standing, sitting, or lying down. It takes no memorization or physical strength to do although it helps to improve both your cognitive skills and your strength and balance after only a few weeks.


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Lynn Gerrits, MA, RMT

Complementary Care Center Manager and Reiki Master Teacher at Simonds-Hurd Complementary Care Center
Lynn M. Gerrits, MA, RMT is the Complementary Care Center Manager and Reiki Master Teacher. She provides Reiki, Guided Imagery, stress management classes and services, personalized wellness consultations, and is responsible for the integration of select therapies into the cancer center for true patient-centered care. read more...

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